So your lawn is dead or dying and you want a quicker alternative to seeding and waiting for your new lawn to appear. In this case, Sod is the perfect alternative to giving you the beautiful lawn you want in a fraction of the time. If you are installing the new sod yourself, be sure to install the sod when it is delivered. If you are hiring someone to install it or doing it yourself, our tips will help you avoid the pitfalls many fall into while installing new sod.

Do not leave the sod stacked for too long. Any more than 24 hours and you are risking serious problems. Stacked sod will compact the lower layers, from the weight of the sod on the upper layers, which can permanently damage the new sod before it ever has a chance.

If your lawn is hard compacted earth or clay, you should not attempt to install your new sod on this. If you have compacted earth, the soil should be tilled and new soil added to create a airy bed of earth for the new sod to root into. If you are working with clay, you should add half a foot to a foot of new soil or compost on top of the clay. This may mean having a layer of the clay removed to make room for the new soil, but it will be worth it if you wish to have a healthy thriving lawn

Adding seed to your sod is a good way to ensure your lawn thrives, but is best done in the fall months before winter sets in, to help it survive.

Once you have your new lawn in place, a professional landscape company can keep it looking great. Try our Free Estimate form and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your Lawn, landscape, or tree service needs.

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